Arts and crafts at Ardmore

You will find that you don’t need to walk further than 2 minutes from the Guest House to find plenty of interesting local arts and crafts.  Next to the main house is a large craft centre, home to the Ardmore Ceramic Art Museum, the African Loom weaving factory, a community bead shop and the Steve Bull Art Gallery.

Ardmore Ceramic Art Museum

Ardmore ceramic art was started in a cottage on Ardmore Farm in 1985 and expanded to the old stable block in 1990.  Although the main studio has now moved to the Natal midlands, guests can now see where it all started and many of the artists early works.  We have over 200 pieces for you to admire and learn about the origins of this now famous studio.  For more information please visit

African Loom at Ardmore

Ardmore is home to the African Loom weaving business.  The cotton is hand dyed, spun, woven and then sewn, into vibrantly coloured bags, cushions, place mats etc.  Our community craft shop stocks only local crafts and has the largest known collection of Amangwe beadwork.  For more information please visit

Steve Bull Art Gallery

Internationally acclaimed local artist Steve Bull displays his variety of exceptional work.